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This is my oldest youtube channel. There is no attached theme to it rather than an enourmus showcase containing everything related to my carrer as a musician. 
Here you will find from myself alone playing different instruments and styles, to examples of my arrangements that I've done for other musicians and singers, to live performances, recordings, and more...


Live proposals for Costa del Sol Area

This is a channel reserved to showcasing my proposals for live gigs in Restaurants and hotels around the Costa del Sol area, where I live. Take a pick to my Jazz, Neo soul, Flamenco, Funk, and other projects for concerts or background music.


Cooking music

In this channel you will be able to see different approaches on how to arrange songs. The goal is to present ideas in a viriety of styles, using many textereous resourses and techniques.
A subsequent video exposing and explaining the session in Logic pro will complete the trip through with i transit between the original material and the final sonorous and musical result.

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